Terms of Use for the SAS Language Portal
The SAS Language Portal (hereafter referred to as the Language Portal) is a collection of localization-related text materials developed by SAS, and based on localization-related activities at SAS. It comprises a Term Seach tool, which utilizes term data from the SAS Localization Termbank, a Translation Search tool, which is based on a set of translation memory repositories maintained by the SAS European Localization Centre, and a set of bilingual glossaries that are also generated from term data in the SAS Localization Termbank. The Language Portal is provided for general use according to the terms set out in this agreement. Localization-related activities, here, refers to activities relating to translation of SAS products and documentation and rendering of SAS products and documentation in languages other than English.
The Terms of Use for the SAS Language Portal is a legally binding agreement between the user of the Language Portal and SAS Institute Inc. It does not in any way modify or reduce the legally binding requirements set out in other SAS copyright and trademark agreements, which supersede this agreement at all times should this question arise.
If you access or attempt to use the Language Portal, you hereby enter into a legally binding agreement to abide by the terms of use set out below. If you do not wish to assent to being legally bound by this agreement, then you must not use the Language Portal.
If you access or use any of the facilities provided in the Language Portal as an employee or member of an enterprise or organization, you hereby affirm that you have a mandate to act on behalf of the enterprise or organization, and by doing so invoke the agreement on behalf of the enterprise or organization to which you belong. The enterprise or organization then automatically becomes legally bound by the agreement.
You are entitled to use any of the tools provided in the Language Portal free of charge. You are permitted to download glossaries or results pages for you own use. You are entitled to reproduce or republish excerpts of the content not exceeding 250 words. If you reproduce or republish any content which exceeds this volume, you must clearly state in a prominent place that the content is reproduced with the permission of SAS Institute Inc.
You may not engage in any activity, with respect to the materials provided in the Language Portal, which enables you to directly derive financial benefits from these materials, for example by providing the material to a third party in return for any kind of payment.
The materials provided remain at all times the property of SAS Institute Inc.
You may not host the web pages that make up the SAS Language Portal, or re-host any part of the applications that support the search facilities and glossary tools. Instead, you may provide a link to the Language Portal from your own pages.
You may not reproduce the SAS logo, and must at all times abide by the trademarks and copyrights agreement that applies to all SAS products and materials.